Where is the Safety Officer?

Often one wonders how somebody could have sustained a peculiar injury. Now I know how. These acts are not merely stupid but rather imbecilic. One could even conclude that they possess a death wish. Will any of these cretins survive to old age or will Lady Luck play an inordinate role in their lives?

Main pictures: If they pull this off, they’re engineering geniuses


Who approved this mask

What’s the one part of your body you’d trust to a galloping giant?


This South African cop probably missed a few training days

This man’s got his priorities straight

This guy likes his odds

Keep on believing! Nothing can go wrong

Irony overload

I’ll wear it, but only because I have to

I think I’ll be William Tell next time son…

I like teamwork, but this?

I just need a little help moving a fridge…

Garden or no garden, we must have a trampoline

Easy to walk forwards, not so easy to get back

Do you think he’s a professional window cleaner?

Can’t find your helmet No problem – use a bucket

An opened window does not a balcony make

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