A SMAC in the Face #10:  It’s Off to Woke We Go

2020 is going to go down in history as the year that Walt went woke.  Fresh from announcing that they will be seeking a new approach to the seven dwarves of Snow White, Stella McCartney was asked to reimagine Minnie Mouse.  The result is a not quite gender-neutral Minnie but, nevertheless, a manly and assertive Minnie in a power pants suit.  They did keep the bows and their polka dots to show that they hasn’t totally lost touch with their feminine side. 

They are busy running the rule through all of their creations looking for any hint of racism, subliminal or overt, and cultural appropriation.  I wonder when they are going to drop all their animal characters when they realise that animals have feelings too.  For instance, you can’t responsibly just go around portraying bulldogs as being gruff, fierce and not too bright while French poodles are snooty and superior.

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