Port Elizabeth of Yore : Volume 1 – Defying the Odds – Now Available

This volume is available as follows: Soft cover = R 320, hard cover now discounted to R390 plus shipment costs to SA destinations at R100. Copies of the book can be collected in Port Elizabeth from Alan Montgomery at 084 368 1304. It can also be purchased from Fogarty’s. Alternatively contact me, Dean McCleland at deanm@orangedotdesigns.co.za or 082 801 5446.

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As Port Elizabeth celebrated its bicentenary in April 2020, this event has to be celebrated for not only was it the birth of a new town, but it was also home to many of our ancestors. This four-volume set of books records those birth pangs and well as the people and events which over the next 150 years made Port Elizabeth what it is today.

Comments on the back cover

Initially Port Elizabeth was only earmarked as a landing place for the British settlers and not as their destination. Yet in the thirty-year period from 1820 to 1850, contrary to expectations it experienced a tremendous growth spurt. So prodigious in fact was its expansion that it even overtook Cape Town in terms of the volume of exports.

This is the story of the people and events that form the basis of this incredible journey.

This book forms part of a four-volume series which takes the reader on the fascinating odyssey from the original inhabitants – the Khoi – through the town’s development into an entrepôt, wool processor and exporter to its pinnacle as the Detroit of South Africa.

Location of Mosenthal’s Clothing Factory

My brother, Blaine, who is technical director of this blog, has again earned his salary which is R0 per month. In providing the answer, he has stretched the original picture to compact the gables in order to make them look more like the postcard.  He contends that there are 3 significant features that correspond.  There are also the 3 skylights and ventilators per roof. Perhaps it was originally a store needing no windows and later a factory and they added windows in front and back (see last pic)

Main picture: This is the photo which initially created the commotion

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ANC pushed victimhood again

In the 27 years of ANC misrule where they have comprehensively failed to achieve a meaningful improvement to the majority of Black people, the ANC resorts to victimhood and propagates tropes to justify themselves.  The rapid development of vaccines for Covid and its unequal distribution was a ready-made crisis for the ANC to exploit in order to deflect attention from their appalling handling of it.

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Port Elizabeth of Yore: Reflections on the Flood of 1st September 1968

The Weather Guru, Garth Sampson, has recently emailed me some interesting articles on this flood. Even though I have previously written a blog on it, it was based upon my personal experiences and as well as that of my family instead of being a generic article about rainfall and general human interest elements. Amongst these articles was one written by JP Viviers of the SA Weather Bureau on which this blog is largely based. Instead of a wholly human-interest story, it is largely explains the meteorological aspects as well as some statistics combined with some unusual interesting consequences.

Main picture: Water flowing over Beach Road at Happy Valley

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USA: One year on from 6 Jan 2021

Just over a year ago, Trump, the sentient nartjie, tried to steal the election from Biden, the sentient Zimmer frame.  He extensively pushed out lies and fake news using Twitter and the good old boys from Fox News.  His enablers from Fox, Hannity, Carlson and Ingraham, were only too happy to peddle his lies, boasts and misdirections and even repackage them and weaponise them for him.  Trump is barely articulate and seldom completes a whole sentence.  But Fox had his back – he could rely on them to speak in whole sentences and eloquently propagate his half-baked views.  Twitter, however, did react adversely and eventually banned him for consistently peddling falsehoods on their platform.  Trump then threatened to start his own social media brand which he did twice in 2021, so far without success.  The other things happening in the Trumpiverse were that, apart from holing up at Mar-a-Laager (another tax write off, the resort itself as well as his staying there), it is obvious that he is positioning himself for another run at the presidency.  This was my view of the World According to Trump in January last year.

Todays cartoon: Djokovic deported from Australia

Many of the anti-vaxxers, especially the gliteratti and elites, are under the misapprehension that rules do not apply to them. They are especially verbose about their right to refuse to be vaccinated. It is their right to do so, but then they have to pay the penalties for their behaviour such as being refused access to certain venues, modes of transport and even countries. Why should Djokovic be able to flaunt the rules of any country at will? The Australian government rightly did not ignore the middle finger that this foreigner waved into the Ozzies’ faces and promptly deported him.

The drawing and idea was developed by Blaine McCleland whereas the commentary is by Dean McCleland

Looking Back: Hougham Hudson-PE’s First Magistrate

This blog was originally published in LOOKING BACK – The Journal of the Historical Society of Port Elizabeth, Volume 55, 2016 as “Hougham Hudson and his Family.” Apart from minor punctuation and grammatical changes, this blog is the same as the original article.

Main picture: Hougham Hudson’s house opposite the Town Hall which later was used as the Post Office under Mrs. Biggar. Market Square and Castle Hill circa 1860 painted by Mrs J Clark

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Port Elizabeth of Yore: Disappearance of Seven-year-old on Christmas Day 1859

Instead of Christmas Day 1859 being a day of wonder and joy, presents and over-stuffed bellies, in the Haywood household, it would be a day of tragedy, heart break, sorrow and despair, a day that would be indelibly etched in their minds. They would forever recount every minute of their movements that day for that was the day when the innocent seven-year-old Augusta Ann Hayward would inexplicably disappear.

Most of the records have vanished along with Augusta. What has survived, highlights both grief-stricken parents contrasted with an indifferent uncaring officialdom. This blog has been based upon the excellent blog of Mansell George Upham entitled, “Whatever happened to Augusta Anne…?

Main picture: Watercolour entitled ‘View of Port Elizabeth from upper Russell Road’ by Lester Oliver in 1854 [NMM AM]

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