Why Donald Trump is so wrong

Egotistical, bullying and bombastic behaviour are three traits that do not endear me to a person. In an instant, my hackles rise and I am repulsed; such is my disgust. Even a profound message is muted by my intense annoyance. Nobody wants to be assailed by the arrogant, haughty & vainglorious attitude of somebody who disregards one’s opinions and is dismissive of one’s viewpoint as if they are the font of all wisdom.

Besides this, Trump lacks a basic understanding on most issues. At best, his knowledge can be categorised as superficial. One may be critical of his opponent, Hillary Clinton, but the one aspect that one cannot criticise her for, is a lack of a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand.

Yet, this is the man who could soon be the leader of the free world, with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

Main picture: Donald Trump at his ascerbic best

A case in point is his recent meeting with the Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto.  What was Trump’s stance? “I will tell that son-of-a-bitch what is good for him. And he had better goddamn comply.”

What would any self-respecting independent country or their President do? My response would be passive-aggressive but theirs would probably be to tell the USA, in no uncertain terms, to get lost. Psychology 101 informs one how to win friends and influence people and Trump’s demeanour is off the repulsive scale.

Enrique Peña Nieto

Enrique Peña Nieto

At best his line of reasoning is specious – misleading in appearance but especially misleadingly attractive.  Like all Populists, their solutions are facile and unworkable. Take one of his utterances to exemplify this trait. Trump has elevated his concern about free trade to a mantra blissfully ignorant of how America has been the beneficiary of such free trade.  In this Trump is guilty of chicanery – verbal deception or trickery or being openly dishonest.

Another case in point which stretched credulity was his “birther” hypothesis whereby Barak Obama was born and raised outside America as a Muslim. All except the conspiracy theory loonies were receptive to this hypothesis yet he persisted in regurgitating it at every available opportunity. Now, without an apology, he has apparently recanted.

Barack Obama with his mother

Barack Obama with his mother in America & not living in Kenya as Trump’s “birther” theory would like us to believe

What this episode illuminates is not only his defective reasoning but possibly more important, his inability to accept the reality graciously. His primal instinct insists that he pursues an invalid statement with renewed vigour except that in his convoluted reasoning, the object of his anger now becomes in some way responsible for creating the misunderstanding.  Clearly, in Trump’s warped mind, offence is the best form of retraction of a policy.

Trust in politicians

It is an open question whether the accepted bromides and blandishments so beloved of all politicians are a satisfactory response to an electorate desiring decisive action being taken with regard to their “pet peeve”, but Trump’s forthright views engender the opposite response. Clearly, among those in agreement, there is overwhelming support but in other communities it is extremely divisive. What accomplished politicians attempt to do is a balancing act. Whilst placating certain constituencies, they attempt not to rile other constituencies.



Inclusive versus divisive politics

Instead of elevating inclusion as a national ideal, the country is gripped with a winner-takes-all or bugger-one’s-neighbour mentality; thus fracturing society.

In an environment of national depression and stagnation, mature political discourse is viewed as effete and ineffectual. Instead of viewing change as a process, it is required instantly like the instant gratification of a guilty pleasure without consideration of the long-term consequences.

Such divisive politics have the power to rupture society with negative long-term consequences.

Above all else, Trump is oblivious to such societal costs.

Donald Trump with his trademark hair style

Donald Trump with his trademark hair style

Into this witches’ brew, is cast Trump’s latent bigotry, both racial and gender. During his campaign, Trump has used the electorate’s disenchantment & angst with the status quo to cast aspersions on other races such as the Mexicans. By openly pronouncing that they are criminals and miscreants, he has in effect alienated a huge chunk of the electorate through such generalised bigotry. On another occasion, he slighted a female as suffering from PMT.

None of these actions enhance his Presidential mien. Rather they emphasise his vainglorious, thuggish character as the street fighter and brawler that he undoubtedly is.

Why does Trump have such a rapport with Russian President, Vladimir Putin? Simply put, they are both made from the same cloth, the very antithesis of most American presidents except for “Tricky-Dicky” Nixon hold so dear.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

The Hillbilly Elegies

What explains the appeal of Donald Trump? Many pundits have tried to answer this question and fallen short yet one book, a memoir entitled Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis places a microscope of the ills of low class white people in Greater Appalachia. If Trump had to spent a weekend reading this book, he would understand the rage and disaffection of America’s working class whites.

In a unimagined twist of irony, the culture of the white under-class is a remarkably similar – nay a carbon copy of – to that of the black underclass effectively demolishing the perennial racist arguments that these sorts of anti-social behaviours such as sense of helplessness, drug dependency, sexual profligacy are racially determined. In reality, all these black underclass behaviours could be cited as an allegory of white underclass behaviours.



Mis-identification & misdiagnosis of such behaviours are legend. Within the white communities it is attributed to an anti-white bias in policy formulation whereas blacks view themselves as victims of racist white attitudes – whether overt or unintentional.

The reason for such injudicious behaviour oozes from the same wellspring for both blacks and whites yet differential solutions are applied. In Trump’s case, the solution to the poor white problem is the relocation of manufacturing back from the Far East. As J.D. Vance exposes the problem, the root cause was never the loss of jobs per se as time frame of the white’s problem extends far beyond the emergence of the Far East as a manufacturing hub.



From his own personal experience, he concludes that the solution to the problem of a individual responsibility is beyond the reach of public policy. Indeed, the current solutions proposed by the politicians will no doubt exacerbate the situation.

The Future of Manufacturing

Trump’s facile solution of all that ills America is to “Make America Great Again.” This policy is predicated upon the resurgence in high-paying low-skill manufacturing jobs.

Industrial robots

Industrial robots

Trump is in for a nasty surprise. The name of this tsunami is the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Society is on the cusp of a profound change. Most of the components of a fundamental reordering process are falling into place. Shortly they will become reality. Manufacturing might well migrate back to America with the caveat: the only jobs available might well be high-paying but they will require high-skills as this revolution will sweep away all repetitive jobs in its wake. No workshy indolent Hillbilly whites or blacks for that matter, will find employment in thus environment.

The video below highlights this fact:



Clearly, Donald Trump lives in an alternative universe, detached from reality,  only dependent on his defective and I might add, deficient judgement.

As some wit once remarked about Trump in jest but, I fear, more in truth, “Trump is the master spewing an array of insults, half-truths, liar-liar-pants-on-fire no-truths and sly innuendos.

That, to me, encapsulates the measure of the man; not worthy to be taken seriously, yet multitudes do.

Heaven help America and heaven help the rest of the world if Donald Trump is elected the President of America. The free world will rue that day.



  1. Nonsense. You have regurgitated main stream media. Clinton is harely a model candidate. She has a deplorable track record running government departments. The Bushes too are no angels either. Nixon? Hoover? Carter? Obama? The US is owned by big business, bankers and the likes. Presidents are mere puppets; hence the dislike for Trump.


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