Churchill vs Lady Astor: The Age of Classic Insults and Witticisms

In a long-forgotten era, the telling insult did not incorporate foul language or invective using four letter words mainly commencing with an F. Instead they exemplified the participant’s erudition, class, intelligence and wit. The putative insults between Winston Churchill and Lady Astor exhibited Churchill’s mastery of this art form. What is less well known is Lady Astor’s equally acerbic tongue and repartee skills. This lack will be put to rights in this blog.

One of the witticisms that have not yet made it into the history books, is one of the classic Mike Paxtonisms – a fellow runner – that he is so prone to intone. If Mike should ever obtain the recognition due to him and that he so richly deserves, this is one that he will be remembered by:

“I am not saying he is a slow runner, but the organisers know the race is over when he finishes”

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