Port Elizabeth of Yore: Fascist Movements and Anti-Semitism

The seeds of the European Fascist movements of the 1930s were cast far and wide. In South Africa they fell on fertile ground. The burgeoning white nationalist movement harboured elements of these virile, virulent shoots in the form of the Ossewa Brandwag and the S.A. Greyshirts. As the ominous spectre of the Nazi contagion spread its tentacles into South Africa’s political discourse, South Africa’s versions of these thuggish movements arose in manifold forms, one manifestation being Robbie Leibrandt, who attempted to assassinate Prime Minister Jan Smuts.

Main picture: The Centenary of the Great Trek commemorated by ox-wagons going through the city en route to the Transvaal

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IQ & Brain Size: Are they the Sole Arbiters of One’s Worth?



To buttress their arguments regarding the inherent superiority of the white races, various right wing research institutes started measuring & comparing the IQs & Brain Sizes of the various races throughout the world.

Their initial results seemed to confirm their proposition thereby corroborating their racist beliefs regarding the abilities of various races.

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Nazi Germany: Was there Passive Resistance?

A Personal View – April 2014

Like in all dictatorships, collaboration with the Regime is the norm. Is one prepared to risk one’s life in passive resistance let alone supporting some form of insurrection? Hardly ever as it requires a special type of person! Within Nazi Germany itself, it made no difference to the punishment but it was the fact that it was less risky that might have tempted people to engage in passive resistance.

Inasmuch as there were many intelligent people who understood the abhorrent nature of the regime, very few chose to actively take any active form of resistance but a few did practice passive resistance.

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