Port Elizabeth of Yore: An Allen who Entered the World of Shipping

This member of the Allen family in Port Elizabeth did not follow the preceding two generations and enter the building trade. Instead he made his mark in the shipping business as well as various other organisations. This blog is the story John William Gordon Allen whose stellar career in the shipping business spanned five decades. In addition he contributed immensely to the MOTHS [Memorable Order of the Tin Hats, A club for returned service men after WW I and WW II] over many decades. Fortunately for society he was called Gordon to distinguish him from others bearing the family name of John William.  

Main picture: Gordon Allen immediately prior to a MOTH’s dinner. He looks a bit pensive. He often sat quietly for a few minutes or scribbled some quick notes just before giving a welcome address or giving a speech.

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Port Elizabeth of Yore: The Tin Hat on the Humewood Promenade

What is the significance of this roof structure which looks like a soldier’s helmet? Does it have any connection  to the organisation known as the MOTHS – Memorable Order of Tin Hats? This Promenade Dome is commonly known as “The Tin Hat” from its resemblance to a First World War helmet but could not have had any connection to the Moth order as it was only founded in 1927 whereas this structure was built in 1923.

Main picture: Humewood promenade in 1909

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