The Namib and Namibia: Vistas and Animals Galore

Namibia is a cruel, wild and unforgiving place. Most of the landmass comprises inhospitable desert and semi-desert. Despite this it is home to a full complement of wild animals. The most remarkable are the desert elephants. It even has the desert hyena which is forced to scavenge along the barren coast line. For such a huge country, it only comprises a population of 2 million people. Yet despite these scenes of desolation, its vistas are stunning.

Main picture: The Orange River somnambulantly winds its way through the arid Richtersveld
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Living the Rhythms of a Bush Life Part 5: Through Moremi & Chobe to Home

Through Moremi to Chobe


The bush odyssey was slowly drawing to a close, but before it did so, there was one more game reserve to visit: Chobe. This area nestled between Zimbabwe, Zambia & Namibia & was the focal point of the supply routes of the terrorist organisations fighting the Rhodesian government during the so-called bush war.

From a conservation point of view, what it is renowned for are its elephants; tens of thousands of them.

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