Port Elizabeth of Yore: The Architecture of Park Drive – An Overview

As a residential area, Park Drive attracted the well-healed and it was aspirational. If one wanted a villa with spacious grounds close to town, this was it. The area immediate garnered a cachet which it never lost. Given the fact that the plots were extremely large, this would be the undoing and demise of many of these stately homes. Subsequent generations of residents viewed the properties as cash cows and the mansions were demolished to be replaced with insipid blocks of flats.

By now most of the original mansions have been replaced but some have miraculously survived.

Main picture: Kockfierna circa 1900

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Port Elizabeth of Yore: Reminiscences of the Early Days

These are excerpts from the notes of Mr. C.G.H. Skead on the early days in Port Elizabeth written in 1939. They provide a personal view of the various activities and the development of shipping at that time. As he was born in 1871, these reminiscences probably relate to the period 1890 to the 1920s. 

Main picture: Park Drive when it was considered to be “outside the Bay”

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