USA: One year on from 6 Jan 2021

Just over a year ago, Trump, the sentient nartjie, tried to steal the election from Biden, the sentient Zimmer frame.  He extensively pushed out lies and fake news using Twitter and the good old boys from Fox News.  His enablers from Fox, Hannity, Carlson and Ingraham, were only too happy to peddle his lies, boasts and misdirections and even repackage them and weaponise them for him.  Trump is barely articulate and seldom completes a whole sentence.  But Fox had his back – he could rely on them to speak in whole sentences and eloquently propagate his half-baked views.  Twitter, however, did react adversely and eventually banned him for consistently peddling falsehoods on their platform.  Trump then threatened to start his own social media brand which he did twice in 2021, so far without success.  The other things happening in the Trumpiverse were that, apart from holing up at Mar-a-Laager (another tax write off, the resort itself as well as his staying there), it is obvious that he is positioning himself for another run at the presidency.  This was my view of the World According to Trump in January last year.

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