A SMAC in the Face #18:  The Mark of Zorrow

In the early hours of Thursday, the 24th of February, 190,000 Russian troops supported by 1000’s of tanks and armoured personnel carriers stormed across the Ukrainian borders from Belarus and two ‘disputed‘ Ukrainian territories in the world’s first non-attack by a sovereign state on another sovereign state, at least in the world according to Putin.  Since both sides of this ‘non-war’ use the same armaments, all the ‘non-belligerent’ Russian vehicles had huge white Z’s painted on them so they wouldn’t get shot by their comrades. 

For some Russians, this ‘peacekeeping’ operation has become a source of pride and it has spawned a homegrown fashion industry around the Z symbol.

However, for millions of Russians and the rest of the world except China, Pakistan, South Africa and some other polecat nations, this stain on Russia has become the Mark of Shame.

But for the 1000s of Ukrainians killed, this has become the Mark of Zorrow.

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