Celebration of the work of Laurent Schwebel

Laurent Schwebel was an internationally renowned nature photographer. At 8am on 8th February 2012, he was stabbed to death in Plaza San Martin, a main square in Buenos Aires while taking picture of a memorial statue. When a thug attempted to garb his camera, Laurent tackled the thief who stabbed him repeatedly.

Main picture: One of the many evocative photographs by Laurent Schwebel

Laurent had experienced many narrow escapes from wild animals around the world only to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was a random chance victim of one of the most dangerous species of animals on earth – man.

Laurent Schwebel#04

Born in the Alsace region of eastern France, Laurent worked as a geologist, naturalist and as a sublime photographer. His outstanding photos will serve as his everlasting memorial.

Laurent Schwebel#01 Laurent Schwebel#02 Laurent Schwebel#03 Laurent Schwebel#06 Laurent Schwebel#09 Laurent Schwebel#10 Laurent Schwebel#11 Laurent Schwebel#12 Laurent Schwebel#13 Laurent Schwebel#14 Laurent Schwebel#15 Laurent Schwebel#07

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