COSAS & Students: Mamparas of 30th July 2014

In a certain sense I expected some inane reasoning when COSAS embarked on a march to the MEC’s Office to hand over a memorandum of grievances. But the level of the fatuous, puerile and imbecilic response left me flabbergasted.

Here were mainly Grade 12 Pupils – learners would be a too inappropriate term – on the cusp of tertiary education or employment looting the wares from hawkers eking out a living on the streets of Joburg and smashing up shops en route as if such wanton acts of destruction were commonplace and not subject to the laws of the land. What this had to do with the resolution of their grievances other than some stolen property, I will never try and comprehend.

To his credit, the MEC, Mr Panyaza Lesufi did admonish the thugs & thieves during a radio interview but it was a muted admonishment.


More importantly perhaps for those at such a high level in the schooling system were the reasons provided. These were immature and nonsensical. Foremost amongst those was the demand that the MEC must prevent them from falling pregnant and taking drugs!

Guys, how about just saying no and instead of experimenting with drugs and sex, actually doing some studying. There is a better than average chances that your grades would improve that way instead of insisting that the MEC treat you like children and expect him to be your keeper.

Student March 300720142

If that is the case, then you should rather be called what you are: scholars and not young adults and treated accordingly.


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