How could they ever have permitted adverts like this?

In this era, Political Correctness had clearly not been invented. Women were meant to occupy the kitchen and babies to drink copious quantities of Coke. What about smoking? Even the doctors were advised their clients to smoke.

What will our grandchildren berate us for? Advertising breads and pasta. Perhaps even hamburgers will a distant memory with the Golden Arches of a McDonalds only serving fatty foods and salads but no carbohydrates or starches. That is the excruciating difficulty in making predictions about the future as the future is synonymous with change but where will that change lead us to.

In the wake of this generation’s fixation on Political Correctness, perhaps a future generation will tolerate the open discussion of racial, sexual and religious issues without the antagonists adopting a vitriolic if not violent response to views expressed.

All of these adverts make me squirm in disgust but which do you rate as the most cringe-worthy?

Inappropriate adverts#2

It is facile to be critical of our forebears with their prejudices and follies, but this generation will in turn be ridiculed by future generations for our myopia.

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