Lost Artefacts of Port Elizabeth: The Mosenthal’s Building in Market Square

The demolition of this elegant and stately building was a loss in two aspects. Firstly in and of itself, due to its architectural merits, the building deserved to be retained. More importantly this building together with the other buildings in Market Square represented an integrated whole. The demolition of an elegant late Victorian building and replacing it with a faux modern prison-like building was unconscionable and unforgiveable. The whole area deserved to be retained as a whole

Main picture: Mosenthal’s building in Market Square

This building was designed as the Head Office for Adolph Mosenthal & Co in 1900 and opened on 5 February 1903. With the gradual decline of the Mosenthal’s business, by the 1960s it was occupied by Saambou Building Society. It was a late Victorian building over four floors and a basement. It was demolished in 1974-5 as part of the controversial redevelopment of Market Square. This and several of the adjacent buildings were replaced by the Norwich Union Building.

Source: www.artefacts.co.za

Left to right in north Union Street: Mosenthals, Richardson and the Reserve Bank
Mosenthal’s building -The Christmas Lights

Replaced by:

Was Norwich Union now Kwantu Towers

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