NO! They will Never Learn

After last week’s Opinion Piece on the folly of using obnoxious racial terms especially in South Africa, one would have expected such outbursts to only be the preserve of the callow youth, the mentally retarded or the morally challenged – to use a non-PC term. After an honours student was exposed for using the K-word, I expected a period of quietitude on the racist rant front for a while. I did not bargain with human nature, except that the culprit this time is somebody who is not a bottom feeder in society but rather an exalted high court judge, Mrs Mabel Jansen.

History repeats itself again.

Let us consider some other examples.

Main picture: High Court Judge, Mrs Mabel Jansen

In the old days many inappropriate salacious and bigoted comments was made while under the influence at a party. Whether the group subjected to denigration were Jews, blacks or homosexuals, the worst forms of bigotry were expounded by some when inebriated. Such prejudice was greeted with cheers of intoxicated acclamation. The following morning recovering with a pounding head such comments would have been forgotten.


Not so it the modern world. In the real-time world of social media, Twitter and Facebook create an indelible record of all one’s indiscrete comments and thoughts. Anybody taking umbrage at such ill-considered comments, usually made impulsively, has a verbatim record of what was actually stated. There can be no obfuscation, dissembling argument or outright lies. Matthew Theunissen’s use of the K-word cannot be denied. Nor can the message’s intent and spitefulness.

Matthew Theunissen

As I stated in my previous Opinion Piece on this topic, rather banish such words from one’s vocabulary. To use them, especially on social media is unforgiveable. In her flimsy defence, Judge Mabel Jansen attempts to justify her hurtful statements by claiming they “were shared confidentially with the aim of helping somebody.” Helping, never! It is more like attempting to poison Gillian Schutte’s mind with racist claptrap that ALL black girls over 12 have been raped. That is purely a racist generalisation.

Countless examples of the following moronic act are surfacing in the media. Who would want to video tape oneself performing a sex act with one’s partner? Yet, in certain quarters it seems to be all the rage. The inescapable conclusion that I can draw from this decision can only be that both the conscentor and the consentee must be witless. It is amazing how often these private recording become publically available especially by a vindictive spouse seeking recompense or sheer revenge.

Screen grabs of Mable Jansen's Facebook Posts

The final category can only be blamed on youthful exuberance. In their youth this category of domkopf cannot comprehend that their future fame might be tarnished by such inappropriate youthful activity.

Take the case of Jane Fonda who was profoundly disapproving of the Vietnam War. So too were many other citizens of the USA. The fact that the nasty undemocratic Communist North Vietnamese wanted to unify Vietnam by overthrowing a corrupt incompetent South Vietnam no less undemocratic than the North Vietnamese, was a cause celebre for many Americans.

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda in North Vietnam during the Vietnamese War

It was not her uncritical acceptance of the North Vietnamese bona fides that rankled the American public but rather fact that the knucklehead Jane Fonda showed her open support by visiting North Vietnam while the war was still in progress and declaring America the foe.

Apart from insensitivity to American servicemen in Vietnam, her action however well-intentioned, was seditious and treasonous.

Opposing America’s involvement in the war was one thing, but actually visiting North Vietnam and posing in front of an anti-aircraft gun was unpatriotic in extremis.

Vietnam War

In the old days, movie cameras might not have been as ubiquitous as today, but for the past 150 years there have been cameras. As cameras became more pervasive, the number of nude pictures available albeit in fairly limited distribution became prevalent.

Many future leaders rue the day that they were the starring villain in their own photographs.

Who would have thought that the future German Chancellor would have been caught unattired – buck naked to you bonehead.

Angela Merckl

Angela Merckl

At least young Angela Merckl was adorned with nice plumb boobs in those days.


Note from the author: As smut, nudity and salacious comments are not permitted on this blog, a touch of “manual realignment” was practiced.

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