Why Helen Zille is so Wrong?

Helen’s accomplishments are legendary from exposing the lies regarding the death of Steve Biko, to opposing Apartheid during her days as a member of the Black Sash to her growing the DA from an inconsequential political party into one of substantial heft. 

But now Zille is a liability to the Democratic Alliance. 

Why? She is damaging not only herself but also the DA and ultimately South Africa.

Main picture: Helen Zille

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The Abuse of the Race Card in South Africa

By a wide margin, the Abuser-in-Chief is Julius Malema. At every opportunity, he takes a swipe at white South Africans imputing nefarious agendas to various innocuous actions. Julius might be the most egregious offender, but, unfortunately, by no means the only one.

This abuse is not confined to a select clique but is more wide-spread than is presumed. Here are some examples of the application of this technique in use.

Main picture: Julius Malema & the Race Card

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Is my Dog Racist?

Am I being paranoid but in the wake of the recent spate of accusations of racism being levelled at various individuals even for the non-racist actions in some instances, I decided to apply the principle of risk control and mitigation. To do so, I closely monitored the members of my household. Then it dawned on me. One of the closely knit McCleland clan was a closet racist, albeit subliminally. I was aghast. After assiduously training my children to treat all humans as equals and never to despise them, I had forgotten about my dogs. What am I to do? Surely I will bear the burden of responsibility for this omission?

Main picture: The possible miscreant – Dog L – enjoying herself not on the beach but in a pond at Delta Park. No littering was allowed during the making of these photographs. In addition the litter was placed in the appropriate recycling bins

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