Zero Dark Thirty

Summation: Graphic but realistic depiction of what it took to find Osama bin-Laden

Rating: 5 out of 5

Doubtless there will be many more movies of this genre but the graphic scenes of torture & the female operative’s – Jessica Chastain’s – first exposure to the horrors of torture will always be etched on my mind.


Unwestern & alien in its values in every way, this movie encompasses the world of religious extremism, the killing of Westerners for religious reasons & the Western riposte – torture – with the abandonment of due process. Atrocious behaviour begets atrocious behaviour but the Americans were not going to let the niceties of civilisation hamper them in finding bin-Laden.

Jessica Chastain, the female lead actor, is well cast for this role. With her hard angular face, she is the epitome of the callous female. Yet for all of this, during her first encounter with the brutality of interrogation, she almost gags but regains her composure & requests an immediate extension of the session.

Not for the faint hearted, the dark world of terrorism is revealed. Bribery, torture, good cop-bad cop scenes, it has them all.

It has to be watched to understand the grim realities of tracking down the terrorists but do not do so with a squeamish co-watcher.



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