CO2 Emissions: Glimmer of hope?

There is a glimmer of hope for humanity as the UK reduced its CO2 emission levels to below that of 1894 when Karl Benz patented the petrol vehicle.

Unfortunately the outlook for the world is not good as the UK is responsible for only 1.2% of emissions and  the whole of the EU 9.6%

Main picture: CO2 Emissions in the UK from 1850 to 2016

Against this we have China at 29.6%, USA at 15%, India at 6.7% and those 3 are not going reduce their emissions any time soon.  If China (7.6t/person) and India (1.8t/person) bring their carbon emissions up to the USA level (16.5t/person), the world emission output will virtually double.  If everything else remained the same then China and India alone would be responsible for 66% of the world’s emissions.

Interesting facts:

  • Outside of some oil rich Arab countries, the country with the highest annual per capita emission rate is not USA at 16.5t but Australia at 18.6t!  So much for the notion that Americans are fat and lazy and love huge cars.
  • In 1890, the UK emitted ~30% of the world’s CO2.  In 2015, China emitted ~30% of the world’s CO2.

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