First it was Malema’s “Kill for Zuma”, now the ANC’s “Kill Malema”

Instead of the “over-exuberant youth” that the ANC labelled the uncouth ANCYL Leader, Malema has now become enemy #1 for the ANC. The ANC’s true colours are revealed in the spat between itself and the EFF about bringing Parliament into disrepute.

Among the multitude of mendacious traits of the ANC such as having a culture of impunity, is that they define their opponents not as rivals but as the enemy. I contend that it is this milieu that is at the root of such repugnant comments that Malema made whilst head of the ANCYL.

Aside from the baseness of the comment, I fail to understand why a human being would utter such an incomprehensible statement. Apart from the callowness of the comment, it could actually incite violence against opponents of Zuma. What was the ANC’s response? Not even muted criticism but rather facile attempts at justification such as Malema being “over exuberant.”

EFF+Parliament-Refusing to leave

Malema was a product of the ANC. His uncouth comments regarding various people including fellow ANC dignitaries such as Naledi Pandor are legendary. He even stooped so low and racist as to call Lindiwe Mazibuko, who is three times the person that Malema will ever be, as Zilla’s tea lady. All such impudent calls were made not only to embarrass the recipient but to psychologically wound.

Whilst in the ANC, Malema was used as the shock trooper for the ANC. Hiding behind his “exuberance” they let Malema loose to do his worst.

What you reap, so shall ye sow. This ancient adage applies in this situation. And the ANC is riding the tiger of their own creation.

First it was the wanton trashing of the Gauteng Legislature by the EFF. In his brazenness, Malema has not even utilised the stock response by the ANC, “it was non-EFF people who were bent on embarrassing the EFF.”

EFF outside Houses of Parliament

Why? Because Malema is past such brazen lies. In full view of the camera the EFF members are photographed smashing open the doors with crowbars. The EFF have not tried to defend their actions by claiming that these implements were handily placed outside the front of the legislature in case they were required. Nor did they claim that they were merely rescuing people trapped inside.

What was the ANC’s offence? Not allowing them to wear their signature red overalls and maid’s uniforms within the Legislature! What an impingement of their constitutional right!

For the ANC, their Rubicon was crossed when the EFF had the temerity to request that Zuma pay back the money on the Nkandla residence as requested by the Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela.

What was the ANC’s response? What they should have done is to label him hypocritical as he himself owed money. A total of R16m is owed to SARS for the non-payment of taxes. What the ANC did instead was to go on the offensive. The mildest attack was that the EFF was undermining the integrity of Parliament. Subsequently Gwede Mantashe took it to the next level by demanding that Parliament be moved to another province because the ANC Controlled police in the Western Cape did not intervene and evict the EFF.

Whilst the Gauteng fracas had no redeeming features, the actions by the EFF in Parliament had the silent and tacit support of a majority of South Africans even if they deplored the unparliamentary nature of the interaction. The lack of decorum was viewed as a minor infringement in comparison with Zuma’s obfuscation of various issues including Nkandla.


Round #3 today [27th August 2014] exposed the flagrant hypocrisy of the ANC. To chants of “Kill Malema” the ANC members who had been bussed in, took their places in the public galleries claiming they were there to protect Zuma from the predations of the EFF.

On the balance of probability whose behaviour is more distasteful and demeaning to the decorum of Parliament? Indubitably the ANC’s.

The ANC’s actions today merely reflect a party so uncertain of itself and so protective of their flawed leader that they would sink to bussing in supporters “to protect Zuma.”

Malema arguing in Parliament

The ANC has thus been exposed as morally bankrupt and not worthy of South Africa’s support.


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