Lions retreat before an indomitable foe

Sometimes even the mighty lion is intimidated by another animal. In this case it was the pesky fly. Due to the recent rains in the Serengeti, the grass was an ideal breeding area for these annoying creatures. The pride of lions was literally forced to pocket their egos together with ferocious mein and retreat to the sanctuary of the tree.

As many as 15 lions can be seen in the tree with some of these animals precariously balanced in the branches. Way above the ground based flies, the pride of lions could resume their sophorific activities while whiling away the time during the heat of the day.

Lions in a tree#1 Lions in a tree#2 Lions in a tree#3 Lions in a tree#4 Lions in a tree#5 Lions in a tree#6 Lions in a tree#7 Lions in a tree#8 Lions in a tree#9 Lions in a tree#10 Lions in a tree#11 Lions in a tree#12 Lions in a tree#13
These pictures are from the Daily Mail in the UK where the full article is available.

Article in Daily Mail

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