Port Elizabeth of Yore: Position of the Titan Crane

Titan cranes were used extensively in the 1920s & 1930s to construct the new harbour. One of their most notable uses was in the construction of the breakwater. In most cases it is a simple matter to place the location of the crane. Nonetheless, some are trickier. In this case, my Technical Editor, my brother Blaine has stepped into the breech and identified where this crane was located.

Main picture: Titan crane in operation  

According to Blaine’s best judgement – or possibly educated guess – the Titan Crane was busy helping with the reclamation at the foot of what was to become Quay No3 (south side of Quay No2)

Blaine also notes that the so-called jetty was called Staging and it finally was incorporated into the quay wall.  It provided a railway track for the rubble to be dumped during reclamation.

One question begets another. Blaine notes that the crane was steam powered. If that is so, how & where is the steam generated?

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